Sunday, 1 March 2015

Data Centers for the University and Research Sector

Modular data centers for Universities

Datapod has recently released a University and Research Sector Capability Statement.

The statement outlines Datapod's expertise and the customer benefits of adopting a modular data center system.

The main take-a-ways from the capability statement include:

  • Datapod modular data centers provide a flexible and scalable solution, 
  • OPEX and CAPEX savings associated with the modular data center approach, 
  • How Datapod is positioned to assist Universities to drive better student, teacher and research outcomes, 
  • Drive productivity and profitability,as well as better environmental outcomes though energy efficient and sustainable modular data center deployments. 
  • Enable universities to add new revenue streamlines and extend their brands into new markets. 

Download your copy from the Datapod website.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Two stage modular data center deployment

Two stage data center deployment
Datapod can assist organisations to clip on extra data center capacity as they need it, and without the need for downtime.

Watch this short video to see how this proposed site in the United States uses an disused carpark to build a data center.

The first half of the data center would be deployed in year one, with the second stage deployed between 12 and 24 months later. Allowing the organisation to better manage their data center resourcing over a number of budgets.

For more information why not visit the Datapod Resources Page.

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Monday, 10 March 2014

Modular Data Center for Cloud and the Oil and Gas Industry

Datapod has recently released information on their complete cloud modular data center infrastructure solution.

This solution is ideal for cloud service providers, telcos, enterprise and government looking to deliver DCaaS / IaaS / PaaS / DBaaS in the most secure and most economic means possible.

Find out more here.

Datapod has also release a capability statement for the oil and gas industry.

Key take-outs include:
  • Datapod modular data centers provide a flexible and scalable solution to increasing big data and analytic demands,
  • OPEX and CAPEX savings associated with the modular data center approach,
  • Secure data center solution that meets safety and regulatory requirements,
  • Drive productivity and profitability with upstream and downstream modular data center deployments.
Download your copy here.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Pictures of the Datapod modular data center system

Datapod recently deployed a modular data center system in Sweden.
The pictures that appear below are provided courtesy of Saab AB and are copyright Saab AB. 

The images below show the Datapod System being transported to an indoor site and show how each Datapod easily clips together providing a flexible, scalable and  fully integrated data center system in a short amount of time.

Datapod is an innovative modular data centre manufacturer offering a complete site infrastructure solution. Our standardised data centre 2.0 approach offers class-leading performance and efficiency.
The modular Datapod system can be factory acceptance tested and delivered in three months and deployed in a week, delivering significant CAPEX and OPEX savings for our customers.

The building block flexibility de-risks capital investments by enabling customers to right-size, move and scale to meet changing requirements as their needs evolve.

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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Datapod Director to give presentation in Silicon Valley

Adam Smith Datapod - Modular data center 2.0 thought leader
Datapod Director and industry
thought leader Adam Smith.
Datapod announced today that its Director of Operations, Adam Smith, will be delivering a presentation " Data Center 2.0 – The perfect storm has arrived" on 30 July 2013 in San Jose, CA.

According to Mr Smith and other industry experts the data center industry is at the beginning of a period of fundamental, disruptive change.

Data Center 2.0 | The Perfect Storm Presentation

A combination of technological, economic and market factors have created the perfect storm, resulting in data centers increasingly engineered and constructed in a fundamentally different way than in the past and this will be the focus of his presentation.

Mr Smith said, “The emergence of prefabricated, factory acceptance tested, modular data centers will have a major impact on the data center industry, in fact the revolution has already begun.”

During the presentation 'Data Center 2.0 – The perfect storm has arrived’ Mr Smith will introduce Datapod's methodology of standardized, pre-engineered and pre-built set of building blocks.

Being widely adopted as the future of Data Centers (Data Center 2.0), the Datapod System is a truly modular, scalable set of building blocks that has been designed over several years enabling users to realize the benefits of standardization, manufacturing efficiencies and reduced time to deployment.

The system has proven to help clients align their infrastructure deployments to their technology requirements-in both size/capacity, time to deployment, duration of useful life and location/flexibility.


• Data center owners and operators facing challenges to meet growth demands from customers

• Multi-tenant and enterprise data center decision makers currently tasked with developing future technological data center strategies

• Architectural, engineering and design firms with speciality areas focusing on data centers

• Traditional back-end data center equipment vendors (i.e. power and cooling infrastructure) aiming to compete in the future data center market

• Financial professionals considering investments in data center properties and companies

• Financial professionals considering investments in modular data center equipment vendors

• Real estate and planning professionals actively involved in specifically targeting the data center industry

• Hosting, cloud and managed services companies facing increased pressure from large cloud providers

Title: Data Center 2.0 – The perfect storm has arrived
Speaker: Adam Smith, Datapod Director of Operations
Where: San Jose Marriott
301 S. Market Street
San Jose, CA 95114
When: July 30, 2013 at 1.00PM-3:00PM 
RSVP: 28 July 2013. Contact Datapod USA Waite Ave on or +1 281-825-9790

To learn more about this event or to RSVP please contact Waite Ave at Datapod Waite Ave or 281-825-9790

Experience Data Center 2.0 Datapod System - watch this video

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Data Centre Manufacturer Opens Doors To Leading CIO’s From Around The World

International delegations are being amazed by the factory inspections offered by modular data centre manufacturer Datapod.

Datapod’s manufactured modular data centre designs means  CIO’s can ‘right-size’ their data centre needs in real time enabling organisations to better adapt to the rapid advances in the data centre industry and avoid being trapped by old and out dated technologies.

The revolutionary Datapod approach has caught the eye of leading organisations from around Australia and the world and for the next three weeks Datapod has opened the doors to their Hume factory in Canberra Australia to allow CIO’s a behind the scenes look at the cutting edge system.

The factory visits allow customers to see how this technology can reduce environmental impacts as well as significantly reduce operational costs when compared to traditional data centre design.

Datapod Director Adam Smith said, “This is the first time we have opened our site and encouraged CIO’s to come and inspect our test facilities and the initiative has been warmly embraced. Representatives from government and industry are keen to see how we have engineered the Datapod System for optimum energy efficiency and how the award-winning design enables the system to be mass manufactured, factory tested and deployed within three months.”

“We are literally having clients leaving our facilities wide-eyed with amazement. Once customers see how easily the  Datapod modules can be combined and reconfigured over time to create more efficient, flexible and robust data centre facilities or data parks, that is when the penny drops so to speak,” added Mr Smith.

To arrange your personal site inspection contact Datapod’s Operations Director Adam Smith on +61 421 050 670 or email 

For media information contact Gordon Watson +61 411 484 715.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Datapod data centre - High performance data centre infrastructure

Datapod Pty Ltd is was established in 2007 to meet a growing demand for expert data centre engineering solutions in the global market. Its system was an international Australian Design Award Winner in 2010.

Watch this video to learn more about the Datapod System.

Datapod is a system of modular data centre components that can be mass manufactured, factory tested and rapidly deployed to meet the growing demand for high performance data centre infrastructure worldwide.
This system significantly reduces capital cost, mitigates construction project risk and reduces the environmental impact of data centre facilities. It has been engineered for optimum energy efficiency, consuming fifty per cent less electricity than an average data centre.
It provides a complete turn-key solution, as all site infrastructure like chillers and generators are incorporated. The system is scalable, and can also augment existing data centres or provide portable back up systems.
For more information or to speak to Datapod: